Valletta, Malta

Blitz was founded by Alexandra Pace in 2013 as a grassroots, artist-run contemporary arts space in a four-level, typical Valletta townhouse which was originally a family home. In six years of activities as an art space, Blitz has organized thirty exhibitions, plus conferences, workshops, and talks, including a three year residency programme (2015-18) acknowledged by ArtBasel Crowdfunding initiative and Tate Art Exchange Programme.


Los Angeles, USA

Bozo Mag is an art gallery in Los Angeles.


Chicago, USA

A project space directed by Stephanie Cristello, the program is dedicated to exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists, and the production of critical writing. Positioned at the convergence of exhibitions and publications, each show results in the production and commission of essayistic texts on contemporary art for an international roster of publications


Chicago, USA

Club Nutz is a website/tv show and comedy/music label that’s also an actual club.


New York City, USA

Coustof Waxman is an artist run project space in Brooklyn.


New York City, USA

James Powers founded Fastnet in 2015 when he purchased a cargo container from the Port of Elizabeth in NJ.


Los Angeles, USA

Five Car Garage was established in 2013 by owner and gallerist/Garagist Emma Gray. The space, an actual five car garage, is situated 18 blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Capitalizing on the theatrical layout and open air quality of light and space, many of the artists exhibited at Five Car are inspired to create site-specific projects.


Brooklyn, USA

Flyweight is a 1:12 scale exhibition space run by artists Clare Torina and Jesse Cesario. The space is built into an above-the-closet storage nook in their Brooklyn apartment. The mission of the gallery is to provide a space where more ambitious projects may be realized in miniature, with fewer material and financial obstacles. In addition to the original location, a duplicate of the gallery is available for mobile exhibitions.


Toronto, Canada

Franz Kaka is an artist-run gallery in Toronto, Canada, presenting bi-monthly exhibitions with emerging and mid career international and Canadian artists. Founded in 2016 in a pipeladen basement in the industrial West-end of Toronto, Franz Kaka has garnered a reputation as a space where nationally-and internationally-recognized contemporary artists are welcomed and encouraged to  experiment in their practice.


North Little Rock, USA

Good Weather is a contemporary art gallery from North Little Rock, Arkansas undertaking an itinerant program over the course of 2018 and 2019. The gallery was founded in 2011 to engage its community in conversation about contemporary art in order to encourage an understanding and awareness of the diverse practices that exist and the vital role each plays in defining and challenging our current local and national ethe.


Milwaukee, USA

The Green Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Chicago, USA

Lawrence & Clark is a collection-based gallery located in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood


Chicago, USA

Loo is a Chicago lavatory for contemporary art. A gallery within a bathroom, within a gallery. Slow's contentious younger sibling. Serious art. Rebellious exhibition making. All puns intended. Our tight confines have been defiled by luminaries such as Jessica Hannah, Porous Walker, Judith Brotman, Ryan Michael Pfeiffer, Katy Carolina Collins, Stephanie Weir, Academy Records, Eileen Rae Walsh, and Michael Weinberg.


Chicago, USA

LVL3 is an artist-run exhibition space and online publication based in Chicago, IL. LVL3 is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of creative talent from around the world. LVL3 fosters creative connections and collaborative work through writing, interviews, design, music, fashion, exhibitions, events, and imagery.


St. Louis, USA

Established in 2017, Monaco is an artist-owned cooperative that operates as an alternative to the traditional gallery model. Referencing one of the wealthiest states in the world—notorious as a “freeport” for art and other luxury items—the name suggests a sovereign micro-state, emphasizing the autonomy of the project, and hints at ideas of commerciality in the contemporary art world.


Fox River Grove, IL, USA

MPSTN (pronounced "imposition") is a gallery in my (Seth Hunter) studio hosting exhibitions since 2014. With each exhibition a multiple is produced and available for purchase. Currently we host one reception per year with six solo exhibitions.


Los Angeles, USA

Founded in 2018, ODD ARK•LA is an artist-run space located in Los Angeles, California. A platform for contemporary art, exhibitions, performance and sound works. A core value of the gallery is to responsibly interact with the local community while creating an exhibition program that reflects diversity, focusing on working with emerging and mid-career artists.


Milwaukee, US

The Outlet gallery is an artist-run gallery comprised of a single electrical outlet inside 'The Open' in Milwaukee, WI. The electrical outlet is a central component to a gallery's design, however its is treated in a myriad of ways: often avoided, purposefully masked, completely depended upon, or as an architectural component. The Outlet seeks to interrogate and inspire artists' responses to the outlet in relation to exhibition space.


Los Angeles, USA

Founded in 2014 by artists Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder, The Pit is a contemporary art gallery representing emerging and mid-career artists who work in a variety of mediums. The Pit also organizes wide-ranging group exhibitions both in-house and off-site and publishes an ongoing series of artists’ books and editions. The Pit is a gallery member of New Art Dealers Alliance. 


Chicago, USA

Prairie is an independent exhibition space for contemporary art in Chicago, IL. Working in the long-tradition of artist-run spaces in our city, Prairie was established in 2017 by artists Jack Schneider and Tim Mann with the simple goal of creating a venue for emerging art and a space for critical discourse.


Chicago, USA

Produce Model is a gallery founded and operated by artists Javier Bosques and Maggie Crowley.


Chicago, USA

RUSCHMAN is a roving curatorial project established by Eric Ruschman in 2019. With a focus on exploring the inherent politics of aesthetics, RUSCHMAN seeks to promote contemporary art practices, both established and unestablished. Oh, and I also have a penchant for color.


Los Angeles, USA

Serious Topics, the brain child of artists Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster, is located in the greater Los Angeles Area.


Milwaukee, USA

Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam founded The Suburban in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, IL in 1999. Relocated to Milwaukee, WI in September 2015, The Suburban continues its legacy as a project space honoring the tradition of artist directed programs.